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“My little geeks love playing it and it’s not a game that takes very long to complete. This has allowed me to play several games of Dozen Doubloons in a row before bedtime or when my kids just need to stop running around. The game also works very well as a starting game for the evening before moving to more complicated games. Best of all, the game does require critical thinking and math, but being stronger in either doesn’t give the player a significant advantage. This allowed my youngest little geek to play with his older siblings and adults without fear of being out skilled.”

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Learn How to Play Dozen Doubloons

Rules and Videos teach you how to play Dozen Doubloons. 1 - 4 players. Ages 7+

Dozen Doubloons – A Pirate’s Game of Cards

1 – 4 players. Age 7 and up.


An All New Fast-action Card Game!

Discover for yourself why Dozen Doubloons is quickly becoming America’s favorite new family card game. Two exciting ways to play: With 2 – 4 players, be the first to collect a Dozen Doubloons; in solitaire, successfully deplete the six stacks of cards in front of you. You win in both versions by making enough combinations of “12” to reach the objective. With Block and Wild cards, there are obstacles and help along the way. The perfect blend of luck and skill makes this a great game for mixed ages of players. Recommended ages 7 and up.


As in all card games with good replay value, it is relatively quick and easy to learn the basics of Dozen Doubloons. Let’s take a look at Solitaire. The deck of cards consists of four sets of numbers 1 through 12. The easy and obvious combinations are a 12 by itself, 1-11, 2- 10, 3-9, 4-8, 5-7, 6-6.

Early on in play it becomes obvious that it would be good to use a three card combination to get “unstuck” from where you are. This is where the fun begins. By observing which cards are in play and which cards have already been played, or to use the Blackjack term of “counting cards”, you discover that you can use a given card because its counterpart has already been used up, either by discard or is out of reach and rendered unusable. Watch this play in action in the first video on the how-to-play-solitaire page by clicking the menu tab above or by clicking this link.

The multi-player rules allow you to use the solitaire strategy to win, but also has you trying to keep your opponents from doing the same. Just beware! They are trying to do the same to you. Watch this play in action in the first video on the how-to-play-multi-player page by clicking the menu tab above or by clicking this link.

No matter which version is in front of you, Dozen Doubloons is mentally challenging and keeps you engaged for hours. Games take only a few minutes to play and the deceptive simplicity of the rules draw you into playing “just one more time”.

Rules of play allow for beginner to expert players. Dozen Doubloons is an excellent blend of luck and skill. Player’s who love family games like Uno, Phase 10, and Mille Bornes – LOVE this new game! Player’s who love solitaire games like Tripeaks, Spider, Free Cell and others – LOVE this new game as well.


Dozen Doubloons brings new swashbuckling action to your game table. For hundreds of years pirates have plundered and stolen our hearts. With Disney’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, we have fallen in love with the raucous adventures of these tyrants.

Launched successfully through Kickstarter in 2014, Dozen Doubloons is a brand new card game. With action packed rules of play for one to four players, Dozen Doubloons is a sure-fire hit for all your game play gatherings.

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