Solitaire – Mobile Device

Rules of Play for Solitaire - Mobile Device


Welcome to the greatest new card game of solitaire on your mobile device! To download your FREE copy of Dozen Doubloons on your Android device, click here. (Other platforms coming soon!)


The following is a quick-start tutorial for Level 1:

#1. Once your game is loaded, this is the first screen you will see. Tap on the gold coin next to “Play”.


#2. You will now see the map for Level 1. Note all points on it are unlit. Each black dot will light up as you win games. Tap anywhere on this screen to move forward.


#3. You are now at the game-play screen. Your very first game has yellow help bars that pop up and guide you through basic game play. Tap the “?” below for additional help at any time. The “?” will also give you scoring formulas so that you can try to get the best score possible.