“Dozen Doubloons is a pirate-themed card game for 1-4 players. As the name suggests, there are doubloons involved, and the number 12 is important. The first player to collect a dozen doubloons is the winner.

This game is attractively packaged and easy to play. To collect a doubloon, players must create the number twelve using cards in their hand or available cards on the table. Wild cards and ’12′ cards can give players an easy doubloon, and ‘block’ cards can be used to hinder an opponent.

Dozen Doubloons has quickly become a new favorite among my children. I think one of the bigger draws for them is being able to collect the doubloons, but I know they also enjoy how easy the game is to understand while still challenging them to think and make decisions. It’s not always easy to find a game that both of my children enjoy, so this game is definitely appreciated in our house.

As a light game to pass 10-15 minutes, I think Dozen Doubloons is a decent choice. It has a quick set-up and is easy to play. The game leans more on luck than strategy but still offers players various choices to make on their turn. Rules for playing a solitaire variation are also included on the rules sheet, and that is a fun choice for someone who has a few minutes alone and wants something to do.

As a parent, I also have to appreciate the educational value of this game. Being that my children are 5 and 7, they are both working on their addition facts, and the task of figuring out which cards can be used to add up to ’12′ has been of benefit to them both.

I received a free copy of this game in exchange for my honest review.”

- Sonya Writes